The maintenance and running costs of homes such as Marian Villa Retirement Village are always on the increase. It is a constant challenge to keep the accommodation affordable for seniors while retaining a warm, comfortable and enjoyable home as well as ensuring its ongoing sustainability.

The State’s contribution is reducing gradually and we therefore rely increasingly on the generosity of corporate, businesses and individuals to contribute towards our costs.

Some of the Marian Villa residents live on a limited income or rely on family or friends in order to pay their monthly rental. As a result they have little or no income available for those small luxuries that add quality to life.

Our Annual Fete is a key fundraising activity and everyone is involved including the management team, the residents as well as our caterers.

We are also always grateful for any additional support in whatever form.


Only a small percentage of seniors are financially independent. This means the vast majority require support of some kind. The need is enormous and growing as the population ages. Your donation could assist us to:

  • Buy more large print books for our library
  • A new or good secondhand 4-door sedan to transport our residents to the doctor or hospital
  • We have ongoing large projects that require outside funding – contact our CEO for details of our latest project

Tell us how you’d like your contribution to be used or leave it open – you will receive a Section 18A receipt whereby your donations are deductible for tax purposes. Please contact us.


You can make a lasting contribution by making a bequest in our favour. Act now for a lasting legacy for seniors.

Gifts in Kind

Add to the Quality of Life of seniors by making a Gift in Kind of just about anything, some examples include:

  • Donating books or magazines for the library
  • Donating craft materials
  • Donating towards a special event or celebration for our residents

But let your imagination be your guide. We will be truly grateful for any donation. Please contact us to tell us how you'd like to help.


Find satisfaction, companionship and fun in joining our dedicated volunteers who add immensely to the quality of life of our residents.
You could:

  • Offer to serve on a management committee
  • Befriend a resident
  • Help with activities
  • Help develop our residents' communication with families through Skype and email
  • Bring a pet to visit
  • Help with mending and sewing
  • Take seniors shopping, to Clinic or to Church

Perhaps you have other ideas, if so please contact us to tell us how you'd like to help.