I love the atmosphere which seems to be generated by the warm expressions of compassion and affection between residents as well as staff. I’m happy in the knowledge that this organisation is run on sound business lines. I enjoy the happy sounds of laughter emanating from residents and all levels of staff. I’m very happy and moved by the sight of our beautiful gardens. Most of all I am happy that we have a chapel where we can give thanks to one’s God for this special gift where we can meditate, hold services and prepare for the passage of time.

D J Rowlands

This home is so friendly and a pleasure to visit. The staff are so helpful and caring and I can honestly say that it is a pleasure to visit Liz and everyone else. Truly “home-from-home”.

The catering is first class, and we as a family know that Liz is in good hands and well looked after.

Dave Stevenson, brother of Liz Tredrea

For the last 12 years I have had complete peace of mind, knowing that my mother is very well cared for by dedicated, loving staff. She has been so happy living at Marian Villa – a very special place.

Storm Sim, daughter of Joan Garnett

I am in no. 6 on the veranda. I am very happy here and have lovely neighbours, very friendly and always there for each other. I feel safe, as the security is very good. Also the service and the means are excellent. We can have friends and family for tea and meals. There is a flat available for them to stay overnight! Very happy here.

Doreen Duke

Mom had her name down for a number of years, always heard from friends how happy they were staying at Marian Villa in the cottages as well as bedsitters. Marian Villa has met all expectations! Friendly residents and so welcoming by the staff from management and through all the staff! Thanks for making our mom’s settling in so easy! It makes for stress-free living! As a family we are happy our dear mother is being well cared for!

Dawn Muirhead and Wendy Wilson

I am so pleased to be in Marian Home. I made the right choice, had my name elsewhere as a backup. The Staff I met in Frail Care and the kitchen are helpful and friendly. The fact that I will have frail care is a bonus. Buying meals is so convenient for me.

Oh dear, did not mention Office Staff and yourself – sorry!!

E S Maher 

I have been working at Marian Villa for 14 years. It is a special place to work because special people live here at Marian Villa and it is so nice to see them put a smile on their face when you give them a hug or have a chat with them – we are one big happy family.

Working at Marian Villa has taught me compassion, patience and understanding of the Elderly. Our office door is always open to Residents and they know that they can come anytime for help or a chat whatever the need may be …

I am constantly busy doing the books and salaries and helping the residents and having the interaction with the public. Also getting to know the extended family members is very interesting.

We work well together in the office supporting each other and helping where we can. The atmosphere is a happy environment where you want to come to work each day – never the same two days in a row . . . I am able to be creative – when we have functions we make decorations and I take photos for our memories board . . . and memories they are!!


A few years ago I worked at Allison Homes and left due to relocating to the South Coast. I have always said it was the best time of my career as I enjoyed being there to assist the elderly. It gave me so much pleasure.

When this opportunity arose at Marian Villa I was so pleased as it is what I wanted to do is work at an old age home.

I enjoy working at Marian Villa because I like people and have passion especially for old people, to help and care for them. It is sad for some of the old people who do not have family to come and see them, then to try and make them feel loved and cared for by just giving them a hug. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to and then you must have patience and list to them. It is a pleasure to serve old people.


Here we are well catered for, too well sometimes, waist lines disappear!